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Re: Package manager

> Hi all.
> I'm new to the lists and to Debian too.
> I had installed Debian 2.2. The install process work fine but I don't
> know how to install, remove o query the packages of the distribution. I
> had used Redhat with rpm. Where can I find information about package
> manager on debian?
> Thanks and sorry for my english!

Easyest way to manage the debianpackages is to use the command dselect.
Infos about that you can find by typing man dselect or info dselect. To add
a package from the list, shown after typing dselect, you need to use this
sign : +. With - you delete a package without configurationfiles and with _
it will be removed with its configurationfiles.

Alternative way is to use the command dpkg. More about this tool is also
readable by typing man dpkg. dpkg -i packagename will work like rpm -i

have a lucky day

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