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Re: Package manager

Sie schrieben:
> Hi all.
> I'm new to the lists and to Debian too.
> I had installed Debian 2.2. The install process work fine but I don't
> know how to install, remove o query the packages of the distribution. I
> had used Redhat with rpm. Where can I find information about package
> manager on debian?
man deb		for the debian package format
man dselect for the user frontend (dselect is ok, but a bit confusing at the
man dpkg to get information about the medium-level package manager

another option is the apt- suite (apt-get and friends) man apt-get
there is an user frontend, too, capt

Have a look at the package tools chapter in the O'Reilly Debian book:

There is even a dselect tutorial at www.debian.org, IIRC.


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