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Re: Telnet to mail host replies connection refused

	Subject: RE: Telnet to mail host replies connection refused
	Date: Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 11:39:20PM -0400

In reply to:Paul McHale

Quoting Paul McHale(pmchale@doubleesolutions.com):
> > The server IP_NUM isn't running SMTP ?
> > There is a firewall between your host and IP_NUM ?
> > You're not connected to the same network ?
> > The host is refusing your connection.  It's either IP filtered, denied
> > through /etc/hosts.allow or equivalent for the system, or there is no
> > SMTP server running.
> Additional information in response.  When I do the telnet, it is from the
> machine running the mailserver so networking and firewalls shouldn't
> interfere.  I can ping out from the machine.  PS shows sendmail is running
> with the following message:
> Sendmail: Rejecting connection on port 25 : min free: 100
> hosts.allow has "sendmail: all".  IP filtering I'm not sure about.

Paul, have you tried changing the hosts.allow to

# Allow mail to anyone
smtpd: ALL

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