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Re: Fetchmail and NTLM configuration

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 12:04:46PM -0700, Aaron Brashears (aaron@myplay.com) wrote:
> Hi there. I am running woody, and have the sad requirement that I must
> use the company's exchange server. I've been using netscape for a while,
> and it works fine using the format 'domain/ntusername/mailboxname' for
> access the imap gateway on the server. I've also tested mutt, and it's
> imap support seems to work fine when accessing the server, but it takes
> a lot of typing and the documentation for mutt suggests using fetchmail.
> So, after a quick apt-get install fetchmail fetchmailconf I have
> fetchmail running, but I can't get the configuration right. When running
> fetchmailconf I set up the server, and the user as
> 'domain/ntusername/mailboxname', give it my password, and then set local
> delivery to be my localhost account name. When I test fetchmail, the log
> indicates that fetchmail recognizes NTLM, spews a lot of characters, and
> then complains that I can't login.
> Is there trick I'm missing? I already tried ESR's reccomendation for
> '/domain/ntusername/mailboxname' which also failed, and isn't the format
> used in netscape or mutt.

Try running fetchmail in verbose mode, log the output, redact your
password, and post to list.

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