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Re: How to partition a 10GB disk

You need to have ATA-2 IDE support compiled in your kernel. It supports IDE
HD's larger than 8 Gb. I don't know if you can have such thing in slink.

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I am trying to partition a 10 GB IDE hard disk using the cfdisk that
starts up during the debian 2.1 (slink) install.

The problem is, cfdisk thinks the drive is only 8 GB. I've tried
<Alt><F2> into another console and then fdisk's "o" command to reset the
MBR, followed by "w". When I reboot and restart cfdisk, it still says
there are only 8 GB available.

If I use partition magic, I can create the partitions as I want them,
but then, when I reboot and start the install, cfdisk says the MBR is
corrupted "FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition."

Any suggestions? I tried using just fdisk, BTW, but it also thinks there
are only 8 GB on the disk.

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller
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