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Re: how can I add disk space?

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On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 04:20:19PM +0200, Markus Stahl wrote:

> Isn't there a way to combine the two HDs' capacity without 
> recompiling the kernel (maybe by just loading a module or 
> something) or can I perhaps just download such a kernel which 
> allows multiple devices driver support? Because compiling a kernel 
> is a little bit to hard for me.
> And when I do so, do I have to backup the data on both HDs or just 
> of the second (new) drive?

I'm only telling you this to save you some grief.  If recompiling a
kernel is too advanced for you, then LVM and RAID are way way over your
head and you really need to do a lot of learning before you get in to
either of them.  I would consider both LVM and RAID to be at least as
advanced topics as kernel compilation.  There are a whole lot of factors
to deal with and neither technology is something that you can approach
without adequate preparation and experience.

I mean no offense by this.  I just think you should know that it's
probably very unwise to go messing about with your users' files when you
don't know exactly what you're doing.

What I recommend doing is getting a single disk that's big enough to
hold what you need, and finding other uses for the smaller disks.


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