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RE: ps2pdf and LaTeX's seminar style

|> AHH.. I have just seen your later post about editing the pd file.
|> Question: Do you find the quality of ps2pdf satisfactory.  Are you
|> really projecting this?  Perhaps I don't have the right gs fonts or
|> something cos my fonts come out horrid.  Any tips.

This is probably an off-the-wall suggestion, but it could be
useful. If you go to the web site of the NSF (National Science
Foundation), you can find a long, detailed, and very informative
tutorial about producing PDF documents from various kinds of sources
(including (La)TeX, by way of ghostscript and ps2pdf).

The reason the tutorial is there is that NSF now requires on-line
submission of research proposals for most of its programs, and PDF is
the required format. As a consequence, they've had to develop a large
store of knowledge about how to produce good-quality PDF documents
(especially documents that will display and print reliably on systems
other than those on which they were created).  The tutorial devotes
special attention to font issues.

This is the URL:


I've found it very useful.


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