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Re: Serial port tunnel...

I guess you want to tunnel layer 2, not the serial port itself ;-)

l2tp is the protocol you´re looking for, l2tpd is the only
 implementation for *n?x I´m aware of <URL:http://www.marko.net/l2tp/>, 
 although at the moment it seems to only support PPP as 


On Thu, 05 Oct 2000 13:47:47 BST, Max Lock writes:
> Hi folks,
> I'm sure I saw some software that will tunnel a serial port over IP and
>make it appear as a local device on a remote machine. Does anyone have
>any ideas where it may be located. I've been through freshmeat and
>there's software to forward to an IP socket, by not a device file.
> -Cheers Max.

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