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Re: Dual NIC Problem

This did change in 2.2.  /etc/init.d/networking has replaced
/etc/init.d/networks, although a normal upgrade will still use the old
one (i.e., the symlinks to /etc/rc*.d aren't created if /etc/init.d/networks

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 01:49:52PM -0400, Kimsey-Hickman, Brian wrote:
> Thanks, for the advice.  However I did notice that I do not have
> /etc/init.d/networks file.  I have a /etc/init.d/networking file.  I noticed
> this when I first started looking but thought that the file names might have
> been changed between Debian 2.1 and 2.2.  Do you know, or anyone for that
> matter, if that is the case?  Or do I have a botched installation?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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> Subject: Re: Dual NIC Problem
> Brian,
> I've grappled with multiple nics a few times, most of the time successfully
> but not always. Without being able to 
> pin-point your problem from here, I offer this advice:
> potentially useful commands:
> o  netstat
> o  ifconfig
> potentially useful files:
> o  /etc/init.d/networks (basically, this is where your network configuration
> is set):
> o  /etc/networks
> o  /etc/inet.d
> potentially useful books:
> o  Linux Network Administrators Guide, second edition is out (O'Reilly)
> potentially useful words:
> o  stick to ip addresses until you get you basic network functionality
> working, then add a name server on a debian box 
> (not NT, microsoft's implementation of dns is limited and a bit unstable [go
> figure]); get O'Reilly's dns/bind book for 
> name server configuration
> o  you can bind multiple ip addresses to one nic, this can eliminate
> possibilities of hardware conflicts between the nics 
> but exposes you to security issues
> Good luck and stick with it. It will eventually work.
> Krafty
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