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Re: Subject: ATA-100, UDMA100, LILO

Disabling the "VIA" controller does not change the letter assignment to the
promise controller. It remains "hde, hdf, hdg,hdh".
Therefore there is no way to
a.) Install using udma66 diskettes
b.) Install a new kernel with ATA-100 patches
c.)  Disable the udma66 controller
d.) Boot the systemwith the now "hda,hdb,hdc,hdd"  using the promise

My install is now complete but I had to use a "dummy" drive to install lilo
on the "target"  drive. Contrary to what the manual says my ATAPI CDROM is
bootable even though it is on the promise controller now.

Yes, the better way to do this is to go into your BIOS and disable the
s IDE controller. That's the only way the Promise IDE controller can have

Vincent Gaines wrote:

> Subject:   ATA-100, UDMA100, LILO
> I recently built a computer using the ASUS A7V motherboard, AMD 800, and
> an "IBM Deskstar  DTLA-307030 30GB UA100" hard drive. I wanted to
> install Debian GNU/Linux on my hard drive (it uses the Promise ATA-100
> controller).
> 1) Upon reading the Debian Mail archives I surmised that the ATA-100 was
> not supported by the
> UDMA66 diskette install option from the ftp archiives. ( I also tried
> it!)
> 2) I installed using the UDMA66 diskettes and CDROM binaries from linux
> labs using my via udma66 controller ( I was later to find out to my
> dismay that the system uses hda, hdb, hdc, and hdd for the via
> controller and hde, hdf, hdg, and hdh for the promise ATA-100
> controller).
> 3) I applied the patches from www.linux-ide.org to a linux-2.4.0-test6
> kernel source from www.kernel.org and compiled my "new" kernel.
> 4.)  When I booted on my custom kernel to my dismay I saw all devices
> operable however, my promise ATA-100 contoller was using hde. As far as
> I know there is no way to change this so.
> 5.) I hoped I could simply edit my lilo.conf file run liloconfig and
> voila!.....No way! Since device
> hde did not exist at that time ( I was using hda, hdb) this coiuld not
> be.
> 6.) After many hours of strife ( and realizing that linux-2.4.0-test6
> has the drivers in it for ATA-100) I decided to install a 2 GB maxtor on
> hda, put the custom kernel on it, and now Debian sees my hda, hdb
> (CDROM) and hde.
> 7.) I will now have to adjust my lilo.conf to boot windows 98 (hde1).
> There must be a better way to do this, someone please tell me .
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Jens B. Jorgensen

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