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HELP! xconfig won't give access to modules

I have an ethernet card that requires the rtl8139 driver.  The driver
is present in the kernel source (2.2.17), but xconfig (not to mention
config and menuconfig) does not make it available for selection, i.e.
it is greyed out.  To forestall the obvious question, yes, I have a
number of networking options set to "Y", Network device support is set
to "Y", Loadable module support is Enabled, the Kernel module loader is
set to "Y", Networking support and PCI support are on (it is a PCI
card).  IF you need to know more, I have attached the entire setup.

The card is installed, and ifconfig displays it correctly.

Why is this happening (or not happening, depending on your

What do I do about this?  

Thank you, anyone, for whatever help you can provide.  This is driving
me nuts!


Cam Ellison, Ph.D., R.Psych.

cam_ellison@uniserve.com  or cam@fleuryassociates.com

>From the lovely Sunshine Coast, where it only SEEMS to rain.


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