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Re: How to reinstall partial packages ?

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Alex V. Toropov wrote:

>From: Brent Buchholz <ihatemilk@ihatemilk.org>
>> On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Alex V. Toropov wrote:
>> >After power failure some files done away :-(
>> >This files are not necessary but I wish them to be back.
>> >TIA Alex
>> >
>> Have you checked lost+found for the missing files?
>> Their names will be lost, so run file(1) on them to determine what they
>> used to be. 8)
>> Brent
>Things are bad there (in /lost+found)
>so the question is about the ability of apt/dkg & etc to do this trick
>I mean downloading necessary debs and extracting only missing files and
>may be changed files (with promting).

debsums -s can generate a list of missing/wrong md5sum files

dpkg -S file will tell you what package to uninstall reinstall

I don't know how to get the output nice and scriptable.


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