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ODP: Changing from X to a virtual terminal doesn't work

Are your virtual terminals work with frame buffers support?
If yes you may try test xfree40 with its own xserver, not from xfree3.3.
I had exactly the same problem with Matrox G400.


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Od: unai [mailto:unai@posta.unizar.es]
Wysłano: 28 września 2000 10:23
Do: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Temat: Changing from X to a virtual terminal doesn't work

In debian 2.2 with a Diamond FireGl 1000 pro, the screen goes
sleep when
I change *from X to a virtual terminal*. Virtual terminals works
before starting Xserver. Xserver works well also, but it seems
like the
screen lose the sync or the video card doesn't get back well to
terminal vga mode. Getting back again from the virtual terminal
to X
works again. I tried with Xfree86 3.3.6 3dLabs xserver and with
4.0.1. And the problem remains the same.

Anybody knows something about this problem... and a solution ?



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