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Q: on Debian Bug-Tracking system

  Would someone know if the bugs listed on debian.org/Bugs
are the 'current' outstanding bugs or just of all the bugs ever

  In working up a course outline for an up-coming class, I found
a bunch of 'inconsistencies' in the doc packages (doc-base, dhelp,
dwww).  I decides to report them and was somewhat dismayed at the 
list of 'old' bugs that are still outstanding.  434 days, 866 days
and 1192 days, for each of the above packages.  Now hopefully these 
'bugs' are minor and/or do not affect the overall use of the programs, 
or are fixed and the tracking system has not caught up yet.  I hope 
the latter.  For newbies like my class is, the doc system is the best 
way for them to get the 'warm fuzzy' feeling about how easy the system 
is to work with.  If it doesn't work, as advertised in the man pages, 
then that feeling is effected.

  I haven't looked at the bug list in awhile and it surprised me.
I will not refer the students to 'that' page as it puts what, IMO,
is the Best Linux Distribution, in a less then favorable light.
Honest, but not favorable.

  Thanks for any insight you may have on this.  Especially if my
conclusions are wrong.  I *do* want to be wrong.


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