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Re: Bitchx and screen do NOT cooperate in 2.2

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, William Jensen wrote:

> Gecco,
> This isn't directly addressing your question, however, what I do when I have
> screen and bitchx running is I manage screen like this:
> ctrl-a c    <-- new screen
> ctrl-a a    <-- swap back and forth between the last screen and this one
> ctrl-a x    <-- x is the number of the screen you want to go to
> ctrl-a d    <-- detach the screen session
> screen -r   <-- re-attach the screen session
> Regards,
> Wm
Yep, this works, but bitchx uses screen to spawn new windows when using 
/window create command. Yes, i know there are better ways to create
windows, like /window new hide swap, but the command I've mentioned in my 
first post DID work in prior versions of screen and bitchx. With debian
2.2. standard packages it does not, and what's more, it sigs with 11
(!) on my two machines. I asked a couple of people on #debian
(irc.debian.org) to do it and they confirmed the sig 11. 


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