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isdn+sb live


I'm very beginner in Linux. I'm using the Slink with 2.0.36 kernel.

My first problem is:
I'd like to use ISDN, but the hisax answers: 'resource busy' when I try to
install it.
My configuration is:
 AMD K6/233 + 64MB RAM + COM1 + LPT1 + S3Virge (4 MB RAM) (PCI)  +  Sony CD
Rom CDU711 + 2 HDDs + Adaptec AHA-1542 SCSII card (ISA) + Matshita CD-R
CW-7502 + ISA NE-series Ethernet Adapter + Fritz! Card PCI (for ISDN) + SB
Live Value sound card

My second problem is:
I do not install the SB Live Value.

Thanx for helping!


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