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Using rsync to mirror Debian


I currently use lftp to mirror some parts of the debian tree to a local
As I stand behind a firewall, my lftp.conf has this line:
    set ftp:proxy firewall:21
This is the only tuning done to lftp.conf.
It runs fine (very simple to set up). I want now to give a try to rsync.

First, I used it on the local net; all worked well, so I could turn to
external rsync.

As a test, I used the following command:
    rsync -alvz --progress --stats -n ftp.debian.org::debian/doc/

... and got the following complaint:
unknown host: ftp.debian.org

I did not found any line in the doc on rsyncing through a firewall.
I could try with the numerical address, but could not find it (my
firewall do not let me ping the outside named URLs).

Would have anybody this information, or, best, some experience.

Thank you for any help,

Gaetan A.

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