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Re: Current correct woody URL's for apt-get?

John Griffiths said:
> But won't you need to do a dist-upgrade when the as-yet-unamed next unstable comes out? so isn't it better to keep going on the dist name? and keep track of developments?

Nope.  On the day that potato froze, 'unstable' and 'frozen' were identical
(as far as I noticed, anyhow) and they diverged from there.

Personally, I never use dist-upgrade.  The difference between upgrade and
dist-upgrade appears to be primarily in their handling of removed/replaced
packages.  e.g., I did an apt-get upgrade on a box that's still running
Navigator 4.73 yesterday and the navigator package was held back, while a
dist-upgrade would have removed navigator-473 and replaced it with
navigator-475.  My preference is to handle those situations myself (apt-get
install navigator) instead of keeping it fully automated.  If your preference
differs, you should be safe to always use dist-upgrade.

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Uh-oh...  Looks like someone at Debian is in trouble...

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