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Re: Where's the HTML template for XEmacs?

On  5, sep, 2000 at 04:46:53 -0400, Daniel P. Katz wrote:
> This looks like the standard template from html-helper mode.  The
> template is defined in html-helper-mode.el in a variable called
> html-helper-new-buffer-template which (at least in the version I use)
> is defined as
> (defvar html-helper-new-buffer-template
>   '(html-helper-htmldtd-version
>     "<html> <head>\n"
>     "<title>" p "</title>\n</head>\n\n"
>     "<body>\n"
>     "<h1>" p "</h1>\n\n"
>     p
>     "\n\n<hr>\n"
>     "<address>" html-helper-address-string "</address>\n"
>     html-helper-timestamp-start
>     html-helper-timestamp-end
>     "\n</body> </html>\n")
>   "*Template for new buffers.
> Inserted by `html-helper-insert-new-buffer-strings' if
> `html-helper-build-new-buffer' is set to t")
> You can override this in your .emacs.el to set up the template in
> whatever way you want.  You can also turn off the skeleton completely
> with
> (setq html-helper-build-new-buffer f)

I don't want to turn it off, just modify what's in the template.

The problem is: where is html-helper-mode.el on Potato with xemacs21,
find / -name html-helper-mode.el -print doesn't provide anything
usefull, is it in some other file?

I guess I could just put the above lisp in my ~/.emacs and modify as I
see fit.

BTW slightly OT for the thread: Can some XEmacs mailprogram read maildir
and work with GnuPG?

Thanks for your help.


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