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Re: new machine froze, how to debug

Krzys Majewski wrote:
> Oh man, after reading all these scary faulty-hardware posts I shook
> in my boots a little after coming home and finding my new machine
> frozen solid. It was running xseti at the time FWIW.
> Where should I start looking?
> -chris

you can start specifying all the hardware, i found that seti@home would
lock my BP6 *EVERY SINGLE TIME* it was like clockwork. so if you have a
BP6 ..replace it. or take the 2nd cpu out. see
http://www.snurgle.org/~griffon/bp6-linux.html for more info.

you can also get a program called cpuburn to burn in the cpu, cpuburn
also comes with a chipset tester(only supports a few chipsets). there
are several memory checkers available(see freshmeat)

if you don't have a BP6, run stress tests on it, seti@home is a great
program to stress the cpu/cache/memory/IDE controllers/hdds.  for a
128MB machine 7 copies of seti@home running at the same time for 2-3
days is a good test i've found. for 256MB maybe increase it to 12. etc
etc. (im sure that rc5 is just as good as seti but ive never tried it

run this in console mode, make sure there is no X at all running. if it
passes the test, then run (from inside X) x11perf -all (cant believe i
remembered that command! last week i couldnt..) that will run a series
of graphics tests, it can take hours to complete, if the machine does
not lock up, run it again, or maybe try loading it a 2nd time and run 2
copies(not sure if that would work) if that all passes .....then it may
be safe to say the system is pretty stable and just xseti is buggy(which
last i saw their readme strongly iterates it is beta/alpha software)


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