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RE: Why should I use Debian?

> Finally, I should reiterate about the learning curve. When I
> first installed
> Debian I really screwed up. So, after doing some research on
> past mailing lists
> and other documentation, I was able to piece together how
> Debian package
> management works (I'm no pro though). I remember reading that
> it takes a while
> to setup Debain, but once in place, it's very easy to
> manage/upgrade/etc.

> It REALLY does take some time to get used to how Debian
> works, but, it all makes
> sense in the end. I encourage you to not get discouraged,
> but, regroup and learn
> Debian. It's been truly a rewarding experience for me.
took me 5 installations to get it right, but that was without any support at
all (mailserver with a max of 5MB makes subscribing to this list risky, so I
had to wait until I got another ISP :) ).
Now only to get the shares on my Win2K server mounted as a non-god using
smbmount, and getting Samba up to create shares TO Win2K and I am in

> Scott
> PS: This is not a PAID advertisement by the way:)
which is of course in the spirit of things ;)

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