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RE: lesser man database..

On 05-Sep-2000 Michael Bacarella wrote:
> So, I get a call from a coworker before who asks me if I can find some
> userland Linux utilities to port to FreeBSD for a RAID controller.
> In the interim, I give him an account on a Linux server of mine and he
> starts barking because he types 'whatis raid' and gets nothing. 'whatis
> ami' and nothing. He jokes that he can type 'whatis kernel' and get
> nothing, and he gets nothing appropriate.

whatis is in Debian and works.  Difference is you must have the packager
installed that supplies the man page in question.  You dont get a man page for
a program you dont have.

geisha [~] $ whatis man
man (1)              - an interface to the on-line reference manuals
man (7)              - macros to format man pages
geisha [~] $ whatis fork
fork (2)             - create a child process
geisha [~] $ whatis woman
woman: nothing appropriate.
geisha [~] $ whatis less
less (1)             - opposite of more
less (3pm)           - perl pragma to request less of something from the

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