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RE: stupid question

> On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 10:01:34PM -0700, Eric G . Miller wrote:
> > Can you enlighten us on why you have such strong feelings about display
> > managers?  Some people really seem to dislike them and I can't see why.
> > Useless eye candy?  Wasteful of resources when unused? Potential
> > security hole?
Some people still think anything more advanced than ed (or maybe vi) and a
commandline is too much.
Others are reminded of Windows (and forget to change the default from fvwm95
to windowmaker...).
I am certain there are holes in X. There are holes almost everywhere (though
a java application to print hell world might be the exception).

> /etc/profile becomes useless with a display manager...
Found that out last week... Added 'source /etc/profile' to .bashrc and it
works again.

Jeroen T. Wenting
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