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Help: Screwed up LILO MBR

Hi everyone,

sorry if this is a bit of a saga but please bear with me.

I ahve a Solo 5150 laptop PII-233 64MB RAM 4.1GB HDD (IBM Ultra DMA).

Originally Win98 was installed. I added RH6.1 as I wanted to learn about
Linux and intalled Boot Magic.

I upgraded to RH6.2 and installed LILO with DOS and LINUX* and have
booted into RH6.2 for some months.

I decided I'd like to install Debian2.2 so obtained the 3CD set.

I have used partition magic for some time and changed my partitions to

HDA1 FAT16 HDA3<HDA5 ext2(RH6.2), HDA6 Linux Swap,HDA7 FAT32(D drive),
HDA8 FAT32 (E Drive), HDA9 FAT32 (Drive F)>

Initially I created,using PM, HDA10 as ext2 and loaded Potato into
there. Things then get rather confused - I could not access anything but

I used the RH boot disk and regained control of LILO for DOS and LINUX,
as before. I then booted into DOS (Win98) and reset Boot Magic adding
Potato as DEB on HDA10. I still could only access Potato by booting off

I decided to remove HDA10 reduce the size of HDA3 and create HDA2 as a
primary ext2 partition. This went ok and I reloaded Potato.

At this point frustration got the better of me and I used install-mbr. I
could not boot into anything off the HD.

A boot off RH floppy and re-install of LILO gives me the ability to boot
into RH6.2.
I can boot off floppy into potato on /dev/hda2.
I can no longer boot Windoze, no great loss I know but I am not yet
ready to give it up entirely.

Fdisk shows hda1, hda5 and hda2 as bootable and the table verifies. I do
have the horrible feeling I may have run DOS Fdisk at some point.

Can anybody suggest a way to get back Win98 on /dev/hda1 and, more to
the point, suggest a way to be able to boot /dev/ha1, /dev/hda5 and

Yours in hope,

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