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Mutt & Outlook Express

Hi folks, 

Recently I've been chatting with some folks about the multi-part MIME
stuff that Mutt does and can't seem to figure out something...

If I have auto-signatures (GPG or PGP) turned on in Mutt, it creates a
multi-part MIME message to send to the recipient.  Make sense.

However, users of Outlook Express and some other mailers (I think Eudora
also?) are complaining that instead of their mailer displaying the text
and a GPG signature attachment, it's showing them TWO attachments, and
no mail text when they view the message.

If they open the first attachment, that's the message.  The second one
is the GPG signature.

A couple of these folks are Windows users and they're living by the
mantra of "don't open attachments from people you don't know".  Sad,
isn't it?  :)

Anyway, because the message itself comes across as an attachment, they
won't open it, therefore they won't read the mail message.

So my question is, for these mail programs, is there anything I can
teach Mutt to do to make it easier for them to read my mail?

As much as I'd like to just burst out laughing that people are that
afraid of their own mail system that they won't open mail...  I'll be
nice.  :)

Any ideas, anyone?

I suppose I could turn off auto-sig and be more picky about what I sign,
but the folks who are complaining are on a mailing list and I definitely
want to sign anything sent to a public forum...  hmmm....

Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com>

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Public Key available upon request, or at wwwkeys.pgp.net and others.

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