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gethostbyaddr( failed: 1

Hey everyone,

since two days I've got the following problems on the mailserver of a
customer :

Sep  4 08:54:10 smtp sendmail[3726]: IAA03726: to=test@web.de, delay=00:00:02, mailer=esmtp, stat=queued
Sep  4 08:54:34 smtp sendmail[3737]: gethostbyaddr( failed: 1 
Sep  4 08:55:03 smtp popper[3738]: Stats: dustal 0 0 0 0
Sep  4 08:55:04 smtp sendmail[3737]: IAA03726: to=test@web.de, ctladdr=edv (502/100), delay=00:00:56, xdelay=00:00:30, mailer=esmtp, relay=relay.xlink.net. [], stat=Deferred: Network is unreachable

As the machine is running in a completely different IP-area
(172.16.X.X) I would really like to know if someone of you can help me
with this problem, especially as the machine did work quite well until
Friday... ?!

With best regards,


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