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sendmail vs. virtusertable


i posted a mail about sendmail problems some months ago. one of the
problems could be solved, the other one tracked down to the
virtusertable feature.

if i include FEATURE(virtusertable) in sendmail.mc i can't write
directly to the users anymore. this means that mail to
user@host.domain.edu doesn't arrive ("User unknown"), mail to
alter_ego@virtualhost.com (forwarding to user@host.domain.edu) works

when i remove the virtusertable feature, everything is ok, but i need
that feature.

the system is potato, sendmail 8.9.3-23 and procmail 3.13.1-3

i couldn't find anything in the mailing list archive, the bug tracking
system and on deja.com, so i'd really apreciate any help.

please reply directly, as i'm not on debian-user.

thanks for your help

stefan ott                          cellular: +41.79.2459777
stefan@desire.ch                       phone: +41.62.8274115
http://stefan.desire.ch                  fax: +41.62.8274118

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