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Re: RW access to /dev/dsp /dev/audio /dev/mixer ?

%% Regarding Re: RW access to /dev/dsp /dev/audio /dev/mixer ?;
%% Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> writes:

  pr> David Wright <d.wright@open.ac.uk> wrote on 31/08/2000 (17:20) :
  >> Quoting Preben Randhol (randhol@pvv.org):
  >> > Odd I must have done something else wrong as it didn't work when I tried
  >> > it the first time, but now it does. Thanks.
  >> You only pick up your groups when you login.

  pr> I know but it seemed to be a different problem. I did a usermod -G
  pr> floppy after I had done the audio and that removed me from the audio
  pr> group. I misunderstood the functionality of usermod -G :-)

A common mistake--that's why I said "Note that if you use usermod
you must list all the groups you want; this sets the list, it doesn't
add to it." :)

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