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Re: fetchmail errors when my Netscape mails to @3rvs.com

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 08:28:04AM -0500, mheyes@lincolnfp.com wrote:

> SMTP> MAIL FROM:<michael@web57.ntx.net.> SIZE=899
> SMTP<501 <michael@web57.ntx.net.>: dommain missing or malformed

Exim is rejecting the mail because of the trailing . in the domain name
of the sender.  This is perhaps a bit picky, but seems reasonable (I
haven't actually checked the specs to see if the trailing . is allowed).

> Any idea what my fetchmail problem is?

It doesn't look like fetchmail - it seems to just be believing what it
sees as the sender address in the incoming mail.  Either try to fix the
sending system (I'm guessing it's another of your accounts) or try to
convince Exim to be less picky.

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