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NIC failure in 2.2.16

I use Corel's Linux distribution and am among many who are having a problems with NICs that worked fine under the Debian 2.2.12. or 2.2.14 version, but fail under the version based on Debian 2.2.16. I'm hoping that readers of this list can help me identify if this is a Debian problem or a Corel problem so that I can find a solution.

I have a 3Com 3c509b NIC. The same problem affects NE2000 and D-Link cards (perhaps more, but these I know for sure). The symptom is that after adding the module for the NIC to /etc/modules the card appears to be recognized and working. This is because dmesg shows the card being assigned to eth0 and properly shows all the known information about the card. The problem is that nothing else about the card seems to be in evidence. lsmod shows no evidence of the card and it is not possible to configure the tcp/ip stuff to assign it to eth0.

If anyone can provide some insight that will help solve this problem it will be greatly appreciated.
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