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Re: Problem Installing the Base System

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 10:36:07PM +0900, Peter Kim wrote:

> > Was the module for your card loaded? Does your card have those little
> > lights that can show activity and stuff like this? If so, does it show
> > activity when you try to connect?
> Yeah.  I've got five ethernet ports.  I've chosen eth0 as my ethernet port
> for this step of the installation.  (The installation software makes you
> choose.)  eth0's lights are lit;intermittently the light goes out and comes
> back on.  The light's behavior doesn't change when I try to connect.  It
> remains lit and it turns off and on intermittently.
> Could a missing network driver module in the step "Install Kernel and
> Modules" be causing problems downstream?  I'm pretty sure that all my
> network drivers are installed but that's the only thing that could be
> wrong... I'm going to check it out.  Thanks.

Does the base system provide the module for your card? 
What card is it? 
Did you make sure you loaded the module or maybe you need to load it
with some options?

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