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Re: Proposal for Hardware Autodetection



> I think kudzu is particularly annoying because it constantly bitches about
> devices that aren't there and whether you want to keep the configuration or
> not (like of you had an external modem connected to the com port and if you
> removed it the next time it booted). You are supposed to be able to tell it
> yes only once. Also when I was running redhat 6.1 on another computer it kept
> finding the video card constantly even after I configured it the first time.
> So you know what? I did I turned the damn thing off. So now when it boots it
> doesn't run kudzu. I am not sure if things have gotten any better with redhat
> 6.2.

This is excactly the thing i don't want. As i suggested, I'd like to invent some
system, that is run once, and aids you in configuring your system. After thats done,
your system is well configured (or at least, it should be), and your done, and you
don't get those stupid messages anymore.
Maybe, one should think about a concept for enabling autodetection for specialized
parts of hardware, eg if you use different monitors, that automatically different
refreshrates are selected.

    Daniel Migowski

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