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Re: problem with debian user mailing list (Server)?

As Steve Lamb,  Lehel Bernadt and others pointed out
in our list earlier today,the problem was because of
because of a  site <usenet@webforce.com.hk> at  Hong 
Kong causing gateway flooding of our list.

The problems seem to have resolved now, since I have
downloaded mail after a gap of two hours,  and there
are only ten new entries with no duplicates, nor any
with  boundary  parameter  errors. That is about the
normal/ expected volume that pours in.

Hopefully this is a sporadic episode by accident and
not by intent ... 


On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 08:22:30PM +0200, I. Tura wrote:
> At 16.54 25/8/00 +0200, marco frattola ha escrit:
> >i don't know if it's just me, but i keep receiving old messages,
> >even from 3 days ago .. is there anything wrong with the list server?
> 	Me too. But just today, Friday. 396 messages got.
> 	Ignasi

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