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Re: Setting proper From: lines

>>>>> "Spinfire" == Spinfire Magenta <dpn@isomerica.net> writes:

Spinfire> I'm not quite sure if this is an Exim issue or a MUA (Mutt)
Spinfire> issue, but... here goes:

Spinfire> I have a machine that is both my workstation and the Mail
Spinfire> Exchanger for my domain (isomerica.net).  Mail sent to
Spinfire> user@isomerica.net works fine, however, mail sent from the
Spinfire> host is instead tagged with the full hostname (From:
Spinfire> user@gnat.isomerica.net) instead of the preferred
Spinfire> 'user@isomerica.net' form.

Spinfire> Is this an Exim issue (i did use isomerica.net as the
Spinfire> 'outgoing mail name' during the Exim configuration) or if
Spinfire> this is a Mutt issue.

It can be solved with Exim (look for "Address rewriting" in the docs)
but that is more like a work-around.  Better tell Mutt to set the From
header correctly in the first place.  Sorry, no Mutt experience here.

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
In his own soul a man bears the source
from which he draws all his sorrows and his joys.

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