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apt-get error


I got potato on CD's and followed the update instructions on them. That
is, I updated my slink versions of apt and dpkg to the statically linked
newer versions. Then I did apt-cdrom add for all binary cd's and followed
that with apt-get update. So far so good.
When I did apt-get --fix-broken --show-upgrade dist-upgrade, I got the
info about what apt wanted to remove, install and update. Then it asked
for teh first CD. After RETURN it calculated dependencies and quit with
the message:

E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration

What does that mean, and how to I make apt-get do the update?

I had
 script -a update2.2.log
running to get a transcript. I attach it to this message


Thorsten Manegold

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Date: 23-Aug-00 
Time: 21:55:53 CET
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