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Re: WOOHOO - the Potato is installed!

John Griffiths wrote:
> At 07:56 PM 8/22/2000 -0600, montefin wrote:
> >ATTN: John Griffiths,
> >
> >You must report to Penn State immediately.
> >
> >By Penn State we do not mean Penn State, the honorable state university.
> >We mean the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary.
> >
> >There, you must immediately identify yourself as an auto-incarcerant,
> >guilty of Copyright Obfuscation, and serve five-to-ten years of your
> >miserable life making newly rich Internet Moguls' vanity license plates.
> >
> >John, if I were you, when you knock at the prison door, wear nothing but
> >a smile. But, John, not too big a smile. Ok?
> >
> >See you in five-to-ten years,
> >
> >montefin
> I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for, in my excitement, forgetting to turn off the default signature my employer demands i have on my mail.
> I do actually agree with the points joey made.
> whether new and stupid (as in me) debian users benefit from public bollockings on this sort of matter i do not know.
> i suppose it will be a while before i make that mistake again.
> John
> --
Never mind the bollocks, welcome to Potato. I'm still fighting my
way thru my former-slink-now-potato-mess...
Good Luck

"I'm not a crook"
Richard Nixon

Debian GNU/Linux
Micro$loth-free Zone

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