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Re: Why does debian (potato) start in the runlevel 2?

%% David Z Maze <dmaze@mit.edu> writes:

  dzm> Nelson Castillo <ncastillo@unimag.edu.co> writes:

  NC> My question is: im new with debian,  and other distributions start in 
  NC> the runlevel 3. Why does this one run in the rinlevel 2 by default?

In Debian, runlevels 2, 3, 4, and 5 all start identical services.  So,
there's no reason to boot into runlevel 3 vs. 2 vs. the others.

  dzm> Why not?  Debian doesn't define the various runlevels as rigidly as,
  dzm> say, Red Hat.

There's nothing any more "rigid" about Red Hat's runlevels than
Debian's.  They both have a default setup, and both of them allow the
user to change that default setup.

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