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	I'm looking for solution to Single ISDN U-interface Transceiver 4B3T
as LT or NT. 
	The future applicatios are S/T and U interfaces for both ANSI and
DTAG(Germany) as LT & NT. 
	The Main Project is ISDN card for our products. this card will be
interfaced with CPU Power Quicc II. 
	The demand is for 1000 at least from each type.(ANSI & DTAG U/S/T -
	I need this transceiver to take your ISDN chips set 
	Thank you. 

Dadi Matza
Expand Networks
Tel Aviv - "Kiriat Atidim 4"
Tel:  +972-03-6849480
Fax: +972-03-6489479

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