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Re: netscape crashes

On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 09:33:10PM -0500, John Reinke wrote:
> Ok, I know that netscape crashes, but it crashes more often for me than it
> used to. I have a fresh installation of netscape (communicator pkg) 4.73,
> and it crashes after viewing an average of twenty or thirty pages. It
> doesn't seem to be a java or javascript page, either.

I've noticed this as well, probably over the past two-three months.

I have java/javascript *dis*abled.

Frequently, crashes occur:

   - When resizing windows.
   - When moving windows.
   - When focusing windows.
   - When editing bookmarks.
   - When following links.

Though I was typically getting a number of days out of a session, it had
been dropping to a matter of minutes -- sometimes only a few, usually 30
minutes to an hour or more of browsing.

I've noticed that Netscape is sensitive to system library updates, which
isn't terribly surprising, though it's quite frustrating.

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