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ftape on woody


I have a generic QIC-80 tape drive which I know works with
Linux/Ftape, as it was installed and working with a redhat 5.2 system.
However, i now wish to get it working in my Debian Woody system, and
have encountered many problems.  The drive is the only device hooked
up to the floppy controller on the motherboard, and is plugged into
the fd0 position at the end of the cable (after the twist).

Firstly, the Ftape documentation/FAQs/HOWTOs/etc make mention of an
ftape-internal.o module, yet this does not seem to be a module on my
system.  Also, I installed the 'ftape-utils' package, which created
references to this module in /etc/modutils!

If i insmod zftape and ftape, that goes okay.  However, if i try and
use the device it says 'Device not configured'.

Modprobing zftape reports:

/lib/modules/2.2.17/misc/ftape.o: invalid parameter parm_ft_fdc_driver

Is there some blatantly obvious thing I am overlooking?

Thanks very much,

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