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apt-get update for frozen --> 404 not found

short version:

	i'm using frozen, and have been updating via
	apt-get update --> now, boom! 404 not found,
	for every line in /etc/apt/sources.list . . .
	so i can't go forward to apt-get upgrade...

long version:

i need a bit-o-help with apt-get and /etc/apt/sources.list--
and alas, i resort to disturbing you folks, who should be
doing things more interesting than bringing another lame
newbie up to speed...

with apt (apt-get) being such an advantage for debian
over other linux distributions, it seems odd to me that
it's not heralded prominently on the website, with easy-to-find
instructions on how to set it up, to match the current
'state of affairs' behind the scenes are various servers. hmm!

i'm using frozen, which i updated last month, no trouble.


	# http.us.debian.org/dists/frozen/
	deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian frozen main contrib non-free
	# non-us.debian.org/dists/frozen/non-US/
	deb http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US/ frozen/non-US main contrib non-free

today, i get all 404 not found. (even tried interjecting the
original 'dists' directory path component, same result.)

at www.debian.org i haven't found anything about how to update
sources.list to match current directory structures. these
pages all looked promising, but if they revealed the secret
i'm after, i missed it:
		apparently one is symlink to the other

		the last paragraph on that page states
			>For people doing network based installs, please point Apt or
			>your preferred dselect method at your local mirror. 
		but offers no links or further information on how to do so.

		here, apt is mentioned in a paragraph in section 8.2.1
		which merely refers to /usr/share/doc/apt/guide.html/...
		using the .../examples/sources.list there also doesn't work
		for me.

		at least section 14.1 discusses the various fields of
		/etc/apt/sources.list, but where do i look for the
		current possibilities to choose among? (section 14.7
		is irrelevant, but entertaining.)

also, from watching the debian-www list, i saw this message
a while back, regarding the searchability of the debian website,
and i never caught the reply, if there was one--


amusing side: the faq-o-matic offers timely advice on
updating to HAMM.
		click 'upgrading'...

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