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Re: Protecting single files via .htaccess ?


On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 08:00:14AM -0400, jbardin@imagelinks.com wrote:
> as this is the debian mailing list ad not theapache list you might have
> better luck reading throught the extensive online documentation for
> apahce and othere apache related user groups and forums. but to answer
> your question look at this:
> http://www.apache.org/docs/mod/core.html#location i beleive you can
> specifythe URL to the file you wish to protect and
> http://www.apache.org/docs/mod/core.html#files

That is right, there is documentation for Apache. But you can't say this
is Debian list, bla bla bla. 

This is Debian list, but here come all kind of questions regarding software 
in Debian. And it is totally valid to ask that. 

Marko Cehaja

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