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Re: SOLVED: RE: LILO & Kernel Image too big --> Make error

Andrew McRobert wrote:
> thanks to Mike. I've installed the bin86 package, run 'make bzImage' & lilo
> again and set the system up to boot. Is the bin86 package only needed for
> compressing the kernel image, or is it needed to "make dep", "make modules"
> etc?

For the most part, the bin86 package is needed to compile almost any package
that comes as C source code.  So, yes you will need it to compile the
modules.  The 'make dep' step does no compilation - it basically just goes
through the code and figures out dependancies.

For more detail than most folks would want, check the file


In that file is a rather complete looking explanation of just what it is
that goes on when you issue the various make commands for the kernel source.
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