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Re: LILO & Kernel Image too big

"Andrew McRobert" <mcrobert@central.murdoch.edu.au> writes:

> hi
> I've just compiled a 2.2.12 kernel on a test machine here, and when I try to
> update LILO to boot the new kernel image I get the following message:
> "Fatal: Kernel /vmlinuz is too big"
> The new kernel is bigger than I expected it to be, ls -l lists it as 1.8MB
> (the old kernel is about 500K). Anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

Yes. Two things.

1) Try to compile as much as possible of the kernel as modules.

2) use 'make bzImage' instead of 'make zImage' to make a bz compressed
image. The bz compression makes it smaller. I don't remember if lilo
can actually load larger bz images than z images, but I've never had a
bz image that was too large.



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