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Re: Problem with potato


On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 05:34:41PM +0200, Marko Cehaja wrote:
> Dear
> happening, and I have the same. 
> I looked into configuration files of PostgreSQL and debug is turned off.
> I can however imagine that it is some kind of message which also goes
> through syslogd.

I quote now myself. EHm, I found what it is.

When postmaster program is started, it is started without the option -S
to be silent and don't talk to the original tty, which is in this case

If you run your postmaster with the option -S it would not write debugging
information on its tty1.

But I cannot find clearly where to change that behaviour. Probably in
/etc/postgresql somewhere. Anyway, I need it, so I don't search for that.

Marko Cehaja

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