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Re: Problem with potato


On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 10:23:41AM -0400, Brian Schramm wrote:
> I just got through installing Potato on my HP Pavilion 133 computer with
> 80 meg of ram and a 8gig HD.
> When I come back to it from letting it sit idle for about 8 hours this is
> on the tty1 screen:
>                         DEBUG:  Pages 0: Changed 0, Reapped 0, Empty 0,
> New 0; Tup 0: Vac 0, Keep/VTL 0/0, Crash 0, UnUsed 0, MinLen 0, MaxLen 0;
> Re-using: Free/Avail. Space 0/0; EndEmpty/Avail. Pages 0/0. Elapsed 0/0
> sec.
>                                                               DEBUG:
> --Relation pg_rewrite--

That is because you have PostgreSQL installed. But I don't see why it is
happening, and I have the same. 

I looked into configuration files of PostgreSQL and debug is turned off.
I can however imagine that it is some kind of message which also goes
through syslogd.

Marko Cehaja

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