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beeping keypad in Eterm

Hi.  I'm running woody, with Eterm v. 0.8.7 .  Eterm doesn't seem to
recognize keypad characters correctly (xterm doesn't have this problem); 
it just beeps at me, confused and frustrated. This causes me grave
anguish, exquisite agony, relentless torment, and soul-wrenching
dissapointment.  I am forlorn, comfortless, desolate, discontent [1].

I've noticed that after I start AND exit vim (or nvi or elvis or 
'emacs -nw'), the keypad behaves fine in that particular Eterm instance
for the rest of its life. (tapping the keypad within vim produces odd
behavior [2], even if i start, exit, and restart vim).  Any ideas? 

Thanks :)  Aaron.

[1]  Props to the thesaurus at dictionary.com

[2]  Odd for non-emacs editors, I mean.

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