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sawmill + gnome? - episode 2

Ron Farrer (rbf@farrer.net) wrote:


I have it mostly working correctly, here is what I've got now: 

> For right now I just want to know what I am _supposed_ to have in these
> boxes inside gnomecc:
> Name: - I just put "Sawmill/Sawfish"


> Command: - '/usr/bin/sawmill' is what I have or do I need something else?


> Configuration Command: '/usr/bin/sawmill-capplet' is that correct?

Changed to '/usr/bin/sawmill-ui'

> Window manager is session managed - No 

Changed to "yes"

I got gnome panel back and almost everything is working correctly,
except my workspaces. When I login I end up with just the one default 
sawmill workspace. I then go and create however many I want, but the 
settings never stick for the next login. 

Does anyone know what the problem might be?


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