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Re: automatic startup of programs with X

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 12:55:32AM +0200, Mukunda Peter Pasedach wrote:
> Hello
> I have not yet found out how to automatically start up programs when
> x is started. I am using Icewm as my window manager. In the icewm docs
> there is something about a .Xclient which I created but it didn't have
> any effect. As I read there, .Xclient contains the command for starting
> up icewm. So I guess there seems to be different way icewm is started
> in debian. Could someone please point me to where that is, and where I
> would have to add commands for starting programs like xbuffy, rxvt and
> so on? 
This might not be the "best" way to do it, but what I usually did
(before switching to fvwm and using its init.hook file), is just put
stuff in the .xinitrc file.  For example if I was running icewm and
wanted an rxvt and Mutt (in an rxvt) loaded when I ran X, my ~/.xinitrc
file would look like this:

rxvt &
rxvt -e mutt &
exec icewm

The &'s are important, if you don't put them there then the other lines
won't be read until you exit from the &-less program.  (Hey, running X
with a term and no window manager can be fun. :) )


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