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Re: Can't mount CD-ROM SOLVED!!

And what exactly makes you believe that it's okay to mount an audio CD?

If it's a Windows or Macintosh machine - they have special drivers to make it appear that the CD is mounted.


--On Wednesday, August 9, 2000 4:15 -0700 Dale Morris <dlm@well.com> wrote:

Well then, let me explain: I had a music cd in the drive. When I issued
the command to mount, I got a wrong filesystem, bad block.. error
message. But when I executed the program cdplayer, it scanned the cd and
began playing it. Thus far, I haven't taken the time to dig up a linux
cd and see if it will mount. I just assume since it will play the cd,
it's working fine, even though it still doesn't mount..
I may have been a little premature informing the list my problem was
solved, I just didn't want anyone going to the effort of replying when
it was working..

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